The Riverdale stars were dishing out secrets left and right during San Diego Comic-Con 2018, and CinemaBlend was there to jot down some of the craziness that will be happening as the show moves into Season 3. Without further ado, here are the six biggest reveals from Comic-Con about the upcoming season, and what they could mean for the characters involved.

Archie And Veronica Might Be Over

Archie and Veronica have had their share of slip-ups in the first two seasons of Riverdale, but with Veronica squarely against her father at the end of Season 2, it looked as though their courtship was fated to last forever. It's not looking like so much of a certainty now, however, as the Riverdale cast teased trouble in paradise for the couple. Additionally, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed that Reggie will be starting his own unlikely romance in Episode 3, shortly after taking a job at Veronica's speakeasy. Is Veronica about to do the unthinkable by leaving her man for his arch rival? We're not completely convinced it'll happen, given how forgiving the show's core group is when it comes to infidelity, but the Riverdale squad certainly wants us to think it.

Penelope Ann Miller Was Cast As A New Villain

Riverdale wouldn't be Riverdale without a scheming adult for the teens to topple, which may explain why Penelope Ann Miller will play a new face in the show's growing list of villains in Season 3. Miller will portray prosecuting attorney Ms. Wright, who will look to make a case against Archie as he stands trial for the murder of a Shadowlake resident. Early details indicate Ms. Wright has the lowdown on Archie's various misdeeds and will be using them against him in an effort to lock the teen away for the murder he was actually framed for. We have a good feeling Archie will beat the case, although it would be nice to just once see this kid actually get what's coming to him, considering all the crazy shit he gets away with!

Jughead's Mom And Sister Are Coming To Riverdale

The mysterious Mrs. Jones and Jellybean are at last coming to town, which means Riverdale fans will finally meet Jughead's mom and sister. Very little about their arrival is known beyond that, aside from the fact that the duo will surface sometime around episode 8 or 9 in Season 3. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wouldn't reveal who might be cast in the roles, although the cast and fans have offered a fair share of suggestions and guesses. Skeet Ulrich, for instance, wants to have a Scream reunion with his former co-star Neve Campbell as Mrs. Jones, while Cole Sprouse thinks his twin-brother would make the perfect Jellybean. Fans will just have to wonder in the meantime, and also pray Dylan Sprouse is off somewhere preparing for his return to television.

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