The Flash's Grant Gustin Was Totally Tripped Out By Tyler Hoechlin's Superman

Working with Superman was a wild experience for Grant Gustin.

Superhero TV
Ezra Miller Responds To Rumors Of Ben Affleck Quitting Batman

Rumors and reports of Ben Affleck hanging up his Batman cape persist, and Ezra Miller's offered his take.

Superhero Movie
HeroBlend #31: Thank You, Stan Lee

Welcome to HeroBlend #31! This week, Eric and Adrienne will honor the life and legacy of Stan Lee.

Netflix Has An Awesome Hidden Tribute To Stan Lee

Excelsior! If you're looking for Stan Lee cameos, look no further than Netflix.

Superhero Movie
ABC Renews Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. For Season 7, Long Before Season 6 Airs
Superhero TV
Supergirl Casts Jon Cryer As Lex Luthor

The actor playing Superman's arch-nemesis and Supergirl's future adversary has been revealed.

Superhero TV
Jared Leto Has Shaved His Beard Ahead Of Shooting Morbius

The actor will play Marvel's living vampire in Sony's upcoming Spider-Verse film.

Superhero Movie
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Will Feature A Stan Lee Cameo

The world has said goodbye to Stan Lee, but we'll see him again, very soon.

Superhero Movie
Oscar Isaac Had An ‘Excruciating’ Time On X-Men: Apocalypse
Superhero Movie
How You Can See Aquaman Really Early

DC's next big superhero movie hits theaters December 21, but there's a way you might see it several days early.

Superhero Movie
The Elseworlds Crossover Finally Revealed Why The Flash And Arrow Swap Places

We now know why Barry and Oliver swapped, as well as a lot of other stuff going down in "Elseworlds."

Superhero TV
Thor Could Have Had A Very Different Journey In Avengers: Infinity War

Thor went through a lot during Avengers: Infinity War, but his mission could have gone down much differently.

Superhero Movie
Doctor Strange's Director Saved The Eye Of Agamotto During Wildfire Evacuation

Now if only we can use it to go back in time to snuff out this blaze before it starts.

Superhero Movie
The Plot Of DC’s Birds Of Prey Possibly Revealed

The Birds of Prey movie is really coming together.

Superhero Movie
Hugh Jackman Didn't Know What A Wolverine Was Before X-Men

The actor went in to his role in X-Men having a very, shall we say, confused interpretation of what a wolverine is.

Superhero Movie
That Time Sam Raimi Pitched A Thor Movie And Failed

Sam Raimi had his Spider-Man trilogy, but it turns out he actually had his eye on other Marvel hero at one point: Thor.

Superhero Movie
The Flash Is Finally Bringing A Big Villain Back, And He's Not Alone

A big villain is officially headed back to The Flash.

Superhero TV
Birds Of Prey Has Found Its Cassandra Cain

Yet other heroine from DC Comics has been added to the lineup.

Superhero Movie
Sam Raimi Didn't Actually Want Stan Lee To Cameo In Spider-Man

Spider-Man was one of Stan Lee's earliest Marvel movie cameos, but director Sam Raimi wasn't originally on board with the appearance.

Superhero Movie
Why Nick Fury Didn’t Call Captain Marvel Until Thanos' Infinity War Snap

If Captain Marvel could save the world, why did Nick Fury wait until he was half-snapped himself to contact her? Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel Prelude #1 just came out to connect some dots.

Superhero Movie
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