Disney made its name producing animated features based on classic fairy tales. Today the company is making a killing with new live-action versions of its original classic stories. After producing more than 50 animated feature films, the studio certainly has plenty of material to draw from. In fact, there are a lot of potential live-action films in various stages of production based on previous Disney content. Not everything is based on animation, but each one is a return to a classic story from the history of Disney. Here's a look at every single one of them you should be looking out for.

Mary Poppins Returns

While it's not based on an animated film, or technically a remake (it's a sequel), Mary Poppins is as much a part of Disney history as anything that's been drawn. The story will return at Christmas of 2018 when Emily Blunt takes over the role that won Julie Andrews an Academy Award. With Lin-Manuel Miranda along for the ride, we're really excited to see how the practically perfect governess will come back to the big screen. This film will take its inspiration from other books written by P.L. Travers. And there are plenty more where those came from if this one is a hit. The first trailer was recently released, and, man, does this one look good.


Tim Burton got his start working for Disney, and the eclectic director has come back now and again, usually to put together stop-motion animation films. Considering the lead character of Dumbo is an elephant, Burton is trading in the stop-motion animation for CGI in the vein of The Jungle Book, but the one teaser that has been released doesn't show us a lot of how Dumbo will be brought to life. Colin Ferrell will play the lead human character, one that was not in the animated original, showing that this version of Dumbo will clearly diverge from the animated original.


As strange as a Tim Burton-directed Disney movie sounds, a Guy Ritchie-directed Disney musical sounds even odder, though that's apparently what we're going to get. Ritchie is signed on to direct Aladdin in what will reportedly be a musical that will follow in the footsteps of Beauty and the Beast. Will Smith will step into the shoes of Robin Williams and play Genie while relative newcomer Mena Massoud will take on the title role and Naomi Scott will play Jasmine. While we expect most of the classic songs from the animated original to return, the movie will also include new music from the pair behind La La Land and The Greatest Showman.

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