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Why Unbreakable Works Even Better Now Than When It Was First Released

Not only is Unbreakable one of M. Night Shyamalan's best movies, it also gets significantly better with age.

The Original Ghostbusters Cast React To First Teaser

The news of a continuation of the beloved franchise did not go unnoticed by the original Ghostbusters.

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Samuel L. Jackson Had A NSFW Way Of Bugging M. Night Shyamalan About The Unbreakable Sequel

The hilarious actor was excited to get back into Mr. Glass' wheelchair and villainous purple suit and he let M. Night Shyamalan know it.

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Nicole Kidman Was 'Mortified' By Awkward Golden Globes Moment

This year's awards season has already kicked off, which means we've had plenty of fun, brilliant and even awkward moments to poke fun at on the Internet.

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Samuel L. Jackson’s 5 Favorite Characters May Surprise You

The prolific and iconic actor breaks down what roles he loved playing the most.

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M. Night Shyamalan Has Been Funding His Own Movies, Including Glass

The director's comeback has come on his own dime.

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Disney Is Working On A Live-Action Hunchback Of Notre Dame Movie

Yet other animated Disney movie getting the live action treatment.

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One Bird Box Actor Has Plans For A Spinoff

Given how popular Bird Box has become, could a spinoff be next?

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Ghostbusters 3 Trailer Teases Horror Influence And The Original Mythology

Yes, less than a day after this project was announced, there's already a teaser.

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Watch Lego Batman Fall In Love In New Lego Movie 2 Clip

He may have lost Wyldstyle to Emmet, but Lego Batman has a new lady in his life and the Dark Knight is positively smitten.

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Looks Like Birds Of Prey Has Officially Begun Filming

Harley Quinn is probably hanging with her new group of femme fatales as we speak.

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Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Would Be Down For Another Halloween Sequel

If we get a sequel to the newest Halloween film, at least one guy from the original is down to be a part of it.

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Why It's Weird The Oscars Allegedly Want The Avengers To Be Involved

The Oscars are airing on ABC this year, a network owned by Disney which in extension also owns Marvel. It could get weird.

Can You Name Last Year's Best Picture Oscar Winner? Chances Are You Can't
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Jumanji 3, An Updated Cast List

Jumanji 3 is already shaping up to have a killer cast! See who's who, inside.

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The Insane Amount Of Money Shazam’s Suit Cost To Make

Ahead of the film's first trailer, images from the set were leaked, and critics accused the film of padding Zachary Levi's costume to make him appear more muscular.

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Looks Like Disney’s Live-Action Pinocchio Might Not Happen After All

Pinocchio was all set to be one of Disney's next big live-action remakes, but now it looks like the movie may not happen.

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John Boyega Is Teasing Insane Visuals From Episode IX Set

John Boyega recently posted a vague image from the set, teasing especially ambitious visuals in the movie.

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How Much Glass Is Expected To Make Worldwide Opening Weekend

How will the follow-up to Split compare at the box office?

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Prince And Five Other Musical Legends Who Need Their Own Biopics

Here's some talented musical legends who also deserve to have their greatest hits revisited and inspiring stories on the big screen.

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Why Unbreakable Works Even Better Now Than When It Was First Released
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Why It's Weird The Oscars Allegedly Want The Avengers To Be Involved

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