Marvel's Spider-Man character may have seen a trio of cinematic adaptations in the past decade, but his video game presence has been sorely missed. That's probably why fans were so excited to learn that Insomniac Games is working on a big AAA outing for the fast-talking web-slinger, currently slated to launch sometime in 2018.

Even better, this new game is distinct from any other version of the legendary super hero, giving the developers the freedom to create the Spider-Man game and story of their dreams. We're still likely a ways out before the wall crawler arrives on PlayStation 4, but that doesn't mean we're short on details. Here's what we know so far, starting with one of the more recent trailers.

Phew. That was awesome! Now, let's get into the details about this new Spider-Man game.

What Abilities And Gadgets Will Spider-Man Have?

During the E3 2017 PlayStation games showcase, the world got their second, much meatier look at the new Spider-Man game from Insomniac, which you saw above. Clocking in at nine minutes in length, viewers were taken on a whirlwind tour of what they can expect out of the gameplay in the upcoming title.

Insomniac's Bryan Intihar has explained since the reveal that this will be an origin story. Peter Parker is 23 in this tale, so he's out of college, just starting his professional life and he's been fighting crime in New York for about eight years. In other words, he's a master of his unique brand of busting skulls and therefore has a wide array of abilities and gadgets at his disposal.

This version of Spider-Man gets his webbing from cartridges (they don't shoot out of his wrist organically like in some of the films) but said cartridges won't be a resource in the game. As Intihar put it, the team at Insomniac wanted players to be able to have fun just zipping around the city and fighting baddies. Stopping from time to time to grab extra web cartridges would completely ruin the flow of the game.

Spidey uses his webbing to great effect in the E3 footage. Along with the standard swinging and zipping around, he throws webbing around during combat to restrain, temporarily blind or whip his foes into the ground. We also see Spidey doing a stealth takedown with his webbing, wrapping a thug up in the rafters the same way a spider would do to a fly caught in its net.

Intihar explained that Peter Parker's brilliance will be a big focus in the Spider-Man game, so he'll have a lot of handy gadgets at his disposal. One such tool was the tripwire. In the footage, Spider-Man shoots the device onto a surface where a henchman is about to walk past. As that happens, the tripwire activates and detains the guy.

How Spider-Man Was Revealed

Spider-Man made a surprise appearance during the E3 2016 PlayStation showcase. What really set this game apart from the pack was the fact that nobody had any idea it was in development. In an age when information about upcoming games seems to leak onto the internet with increasing regularity, the team at Insomniac Games managed to keep their Spider-Man project tightly under wraps until the big reveal.

The trailer went on to steal the show for many fans, despite the fact that it was relatively short by E3 showcase standards. Clocking in at just a minute and a half, the trailer crammed a lot of hype into a small amount of time, showcasing everything we know and love about Spidey, including plenty of swinging through the air, firing webbing at baddies and laying a high-flying beatdown on the criminals foolish enough to stand in his way.

With nothing even hinting at a launch date present in that original trailer, it was clear that Spider-Man was going to take his sweet time getting to us. Thankfully, at this point, we don't have too much longer to wait.

Following the reveal, Bryan Intihar took to the PlayStation Blog to offer up a few additional details about the game. He reiterated the fact that this is a new Spider-Man story and that the team was very excited to be partnering with Marvel and Sony to make it happen.

When Will Spider-Man Be Released?

While Insomniac ventured into the realm of multi-platform launches in recent years, Spider-Man will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive; which makes a whole lot of sense considering Sony's ties to the project. While the latest footage makes it look like the game is coming along quite nicely, there's still a decent wait ahead of us before players can strap on the spandex and fight crime in New York City. While a specific launch date has not yet been revealed, Insomniac said fans will be playing Spider-Man sometime in 2018. Sadly, as of Feb. 12, 2018, that window has not been narrowed. Then again, with E3 2018 coming up in June, we wouldn't be surprised to see Spider-Man as one of the top games showcased at Sony's press briefing, hopefully with an actual release date to sweeten the pot.

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