PUBG Gets PS4 Release Date
This Darksiders 3 ASMR Video Is More Creepy Than Relaxing

Darksiders III is set to launch next week and, to help prepare gamers for Fury's onslaught, the folks at THQ Nordic have created an ASMR series featuring the apocalyptic horseman, candles and chains.

Cliff Bleszinski Explains Why He's Done Making Games

After decades of making some of the biggest games in the industry, Cliff Bleszinski has announced that he plans to step away from development for good in order to spend his time with friends and family.

League Of Legends Is Getting Its Own Marvel Comics

Cross-branded marketing material is a surefire way of making it known that your brand has reached a new level in its popularity and is ready to bring in an all new audience. This is where Riot Games is with League of Legends, with the series now moving into the realm of comic books.

Batman's Arkham Knight Is Making The Jump To Comics

There's no doubting that Rocksteady Studios managed to make super hero comic-book games a lucrative business outside of what we usually expect from super hero tie-in games. The Batman: Arkham series is regarded as some of the best games ever made, and now DC is looking to rub some of that quality sheen from Rocksteady's games onto its comic books.

Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Is Officially Back From The Dead

After Telltale encountered a tumultuous start to the fall season with the studio going through the unceremonious process of shutting down and having many of its games removed from digital distribution storefronts, there's some good news finally: The Walking Dead games are back from the dead.

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy Is Missing Something Important To A Lot Of Players

While Spyro: Reignited Trilogy enhanced some classic adventure games with shiny new visuals and a lovely new score, it looks like someone forgot to include onething important.

PlayStation's Recent Moves Could Spell Trouble In 2019 And Beyond

The PlayStation 4 is doing insanely well right now and the brand's future appears to be bright. But after pulling out of two major upcoming events, it looks like Sony itself needs some convincing of that fact.

GameStop Customer Trashes Store For Not Being Able To Return Fallout 76

An attempted video game return at GameStop turned violent recently as a guy who was denied a cash refund for an open copy of Fallout 76 decided to trash the business in retaliation.

Rapper May Sue Fortnite Over Emote

The Epic Games lawsuits just keep piling up -- this time from a rapper who may sue the company for a reason that you probably didn't think was possible.

Another Video Game Awards Show Is Coming To A Major Network

This year there's going to be more than just one game awards show, and the new one is coming to a major television network.

Chris Pratt Taunts Korean Gamers in Series Of Fortnite Ads

When you think Fortnite, you probably don't think about Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt taunting a bunch of South Korean gamers at the behest of Epic Games. However, that's exactly what's going down.

There Are Some Kinks With Transferring Between Pokemon Go And Pokemon Let's Go

It turns out transferring your beloved critters from Pokemon Go to either of the Let's Go games can be onething of a gamble.

Pokemon Launches Let's Go Pikachu And Let's Go Eevee With Nostalgic Trailer

With Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee finally arriving on the Nintendo Switch this past weekend, Nintendo decided to delight fans across the globe with a nostalgia-filled launch trailer.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Dev Signs Deal To Make Mobile Games For Disney

The developer of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is moving up in the world. It was just announced that Jam City will adopt and create various games based on Disney properties.

Netflix's Narcos Is Becoming A Turn-Based Strategy Game

In 2019, we'll find out if Netflix's Narcos will be a hit as a turn-based strategy game.

You Can Now Raise A Glass To Ezio With Assassin's Creed Wine

Ubisoft's property seems to be ubiquitous within the entertainment medium. But the brand is now expanding outside of the entertainment medium and into the world of... wine?

Gears Of War Creator Cliff Bleszinski Is Apparently Done Making Games

Cliff Bleszinski is best known for helping Microsoft dominate over Sony during the seventh generation of gaming with the Gears of War trilogy while he was working at Epic Games. It quickly made Bleszinski a millionaire since it attracted a very targeted demographic who loved the series. Well, that's all coming to an end since he's apparently done making games.

Surprise. Ubisoft Loves Loot Boxes

According to a spokesperson for Ubisoft, loot boxes are here to stay and gamers only have themselves to blame for it because, you know, they're the ones who keep buying the things.

Another Game Studio Has Shut Down

It hasn't been a rosy year in the world of video games. In fact, it's been rather difficult for some development studios given how harsh the financial times have been. This has become ever-so-present with the news that yet other sizable development outlet had to shut its doors recently.

Sunset Overdrive Is Now On Steam

One of the Xbox One's hidden gems, Sunset Overdrive, is getting a second lease on life thanks to the announcement that the game would be making its way to Windows 10 PC via Steam.

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