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Gears Of War Creator Cliff Bleszinski Is Apparently Done Making Games

Cliff Bleszinski is best known for helping Microsoft dominate over Sony during the seventh generation of gaming with the Gears of War trilogy while he was working at Epic Games. It quickly made Bleszinski a millionaire since it attracted a very targeted demographic who loved the series. Well, that's all coming to an end since he's apparently done making games.

Another Game Studio Has Shut Down

It hasn't been a rosy year in the world of video games. In fact, it's been rather difficult for some development studios given how harsh the financial times have been. This has become ever-so-present with the news that yet other sizable development outlet had to shut its doors recently.

The Next Xbox One May Be Missing One Big Feature

When it comes to new game consoles there's always tons of leaks, tons of rumors, tons of reports and endless speculation. Many gamers pore through endless documents to weed out any morsels of information regarding new game tech, and sometimes the reports center around what the console might be missing rather than what it might feature.

Overwatch Will Be Free To Play Next Week

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch is continuing to maintain its presence in the gaming market thanks to the consistent release of new DLC and the constant momentum held by the eSports division known as the Overwatch League. To keep that momentum flowing, Blizzard will allow gamers to play for free next week.

Guilty Plea In Call Of Duty Swatting Case That Ended In Death

The plea in the case involving a swatting prank that spawned from a Call of Duty altercation has been submitted by the prankster, Tyler Barriss. Said prank ended up costing a man his life, and now that the guilty plea is in the sentencing will begin.

PlayStation Is Skipping E3 Next Year

Sony has been trending all day on social media, but not for the reasons that gamers might enjoy. The company confirmed that the PlayStation brand will be skipping E3 next year, and that there will not be a booth at the LA Convention Center. This would be the first time that Sony made such a bold move since originally participating in E3.

Black Friday 2019's Best Gaming Deals

With Black Friday ready to get underway it means that gamers are going to be prepping to find the best deals possible for their favorite game systems and some of the latest games.

The Nintendo Switch May Not Hit Its Sales Goal This Holiday Season

The Nintendo Switch has been steamrolling through the sales charts since its release. The hybrid system combines home console gaming with the ability to indulge in portable gaming. However, despite the strong momentum and fast start off store shelves, the Switch may not hit the sales projections that Nintendo originally set out at the start of the year.

Sea Of Thieves Getting Competitive Arena Mode Next Year

Rare managed to strike gold with Sea of Thieves earlier in the year. The game ended up becoming one of the more notable releases on the Xbox One this generation thanks to its unorthodox approach to multiplayer and seafaring adventure. Well, the game will be expanding even further next year with a brand new update that adds a competitive arena mode to the play options.

Nintendo Just Won Big In its ROM Lawsuit

Emulation has always come under fire from the major platform holders.

The Next Overwatch Update Will Require A Full Re-Install

Those of you out there who may have been begging for a huge new update for Overwatch might be walking back those thoughts now that it's been revealed that the next major patch for the game will require you to completely reinstall the entire game.

The Game Awards Has Announced The 2018 Nominees

Before getting to that big night The Game Awards listed the nominees who are up for awards this year, and you can see which games you'll be rooting for come December.

PUBG Gets PS4 Release Date

PUBG Corporation originally signed a timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft to put PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the Xbox One an entire year ahead of its release on the PlayStation 4. During that time the developers have been fixing up the gameplay and optimizing the performance. Soon, however, PS4 gamers will be able to get in on the action a lot sooner than you thought possible.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's NukeTown Map Looks Better Than Ever

We knew that PlayStation 4 gamers would receive NukeTown ahead of PC and Xbox One gamers (but thankfully the delay is only by a week, so there's no need to fret), but what we didn't know was exactly how the new iteration of the map would look in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Well, now we know and it looks better than ever.

Valve's VR Headset May Include Half-Life

VR gaming may have faded from view in recent times, but that doesn't mean it's dead. In fact, Valve still has plans on luring in gamers to the VR market by attempting to use software to help sell the hardware. There are now rumors floating about that a new Half-Life game could be bundled in with new VR hardware.

Crackdown 3 Finally Has A Release Date

After four years of waiting, gamers finally have a release date for the open-world, physics-based, third-person shooter, Crackdown 3. The game was originally announced way back in 2014 just a year after the Xbox One was revealed, but a number of developmental hang-ups prevented the game from garnering a specific release date... until now.

Nintendo's Wii Is Getting Rid Of Its Streaming Services

While the Nintendo Switch continues to build an impressive library of video games, the previous generation Nintendo devices are slowly beginning to lose access to their streaming services.

Grand Theft Auto Creators Are Going After Cheaters

Cheating is big business in the world of gaming, but Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are taking the fight to cheaters in a very serious way.

A Chinese Gaming Company Is Using Facial Recognition Technology To Monitor Its Players

Gamers will now be affected by China's use of facial recognition technology -- reportedly to help combat the nation's epidemic of visual impairment.

Is Netflix Finally Coming To Nintendo Switch?

One of the most requested apps for the Nintendo Switch since its launch has been YouTube. And next to YouTube, one of the other most requested apps has been Netflix. Well, given that YouTube is finally available as a free app, there's now a lot of chatter surrounding the possibility of seeing Netflix on the Switch.

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