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Why Gotham Is Using Ecco As its Harley Quinn

Gotham finally introduced its indirect take on Harley Quinn, and the showrunner explained that decision.

To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen Got Arrested

Chris Hansen wasn't catching any perverts whenever he was in police custody this week.

Where Is Gotham's Jeremiah? Here's What The Showrunner Told Us

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Jeremiah! Gotham's fans are waiting.

Dwayne Johnson Got Jimmy Fallon To Perform A Titan Games Challenge On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon's blood isn't usually pumping as hard as this during The Tonight Show's other bits.

Saved By The Bell's Mark-Paul Gosselaar And Mario Lopez Reunited For Awesome Throwback Pic

Two of Bayside's finest got together for a quick picture that called back to Saved by the Bell in a fun way.

Why Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Might Not Be So Ready To Leave After All

Ellen Pompeo has caused fans lots of worry over her future with the ABC drama. Maybe those worries can be put to rest now?

Steve Carrell Is Reuniting With The Office Creator For A New Netflix Show

The Office may not be returning, but Steve Carrell is reuniting with his old boss for a new show.

How Joey Lawrence's Brothers Reacted To His Celebrity Big Brother News

Joey Lawrence is heading to Celebrity Big Brother, and he said his siblings and former Brotherly Love co-stars had onething to say about it.

Leah Remini And Her Scientology Show Are Being Blamed For A Man's Murder

Leah Remini's A&E series is getting blamed for a shocking death.

How Family Guy Came Up With Its Donald Trump-Centric Episode

Family Guy brought Donald Trump over for a crazy episode, and here's why they did it.

The Conners Season 2? Here's What Laurie Metcalf Has To Say

The Conners is currently in ABC's "pride and joy" department, but there's still no official word about Season 2.

The Big Bang Theory's First Look At Guest Stars Sean Astin And Kal Penn

One of TV's geekiest sitcoms is about to bring two of the most geek-friendly actors on board.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Apparently Doesn't Remember Much About Filming Saved By The Bell

Mark-Paul Gosselaar apparently isn't on the same level as Saved by the Bell fans when it comes to remembering the show.

HBO's Perry Mason Series Cast A Great Actor As The Lead Attorney

HBO and Robert Downey Jr.'s upcoming Perry Mason project is finally moving forward, and it's landed a solid actor to play the lead role.

The Simpsons Just Earned Its Biggest Ratings In Years

The Simpsons enjoyed some pretty splendid numbers this past Sunday, thanks to a huge NFL playoff game.

True Detective Season 3 Episode 2: 9 Clues That May Mean Everything

Episode 2 of True Detective's third season upped the ante on the clues, and things are as mysterious as possible.

True Detective Season 3 Premiere: 8 Clues That May Mean Everything

True Detective is back! And here are all the big clues that the Season 3 premiere laid out for viewers.

How Tom Hiddleston Could Be Used In The Loki TV Show On Disney+

Loki is coming to Disney+, but perhaps not how everyone expected.

How Criminal Minds Is Setting Up Its Slightly Different Final Season

Criminal Minds is coming to an end with Season 15, and here's how this season will set up the final batch of episodes.

Gotham's Cameron Monaghan Reveals He's Playing A Third Character In Season 5

Cameron Monaghan once again has us foaming at the mouth for the Clown Prince of Crime.

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