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The Flash's Grant Gustin Was Totally Tripped Out By Tyler Hoechlin's Superman

Working with Superman was a wild experience for Grant Gustin.

What Manifest's Athena Karkanis Really Loves About The Show's Twins Storyline

Manifest star Athena Karkanis told us that she and others are all about one of the show's most unique curiosities.

How Bryan Cranston Hopes The Breaking Bad Movie Would Handle Jesse's Story

How can we get Bryan Cranston into the writers room with Vince Gilligan?

Designated Survivor Adds An NCIS Vet And More For Season 3 On Netflix

When Designated Survivor returns, more new faces will be popping up.

Could The Walking Dead Be Introducing A Comic Book Romance In This Exclusive Clip?

The Walking Dead's time jump shook this universe up from end to end, and this exclusive clip teases what's to to come.

How American Horror Story: Apocalypse's Finale Twists Changed The AHS Timeline

American Horror Story: Apocalypse ended the only way it could: with lots of weird twists...and death.

9 Network TV Shows In Danger Of Getting Cancelled

Fall TV may still be in the first half of the overall season, but some shows are already looking primed to make exits soon.

Netflix May Introduce Cheaper Subscription Plans For Certain Customers

Netflix is usually raising prices for its plans, but now it's looking at other options.

Millie Bobby Brown's Stranger Things Tears Are Ominous, But The Show Probably Isn't Ending Yet

In the months ahead of Season 3's premiere, Stranger Things fans are starting to worry about the future.

Gotham Season 5 Trailer Brings Out Bane And More Crazy Villains

Stop me if you've heard this one, but Gotham Season 5 is going all out on letting the villains run wild.

How The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt Feels About Eugene's New Hair

Eugene is rocking a new haircut and a slightly new personality in Season 9. Here's what the star had to say about it all.

Navy SEAL Vet Dan Crenshaw Had A Lot Of Fun Roasting Pete Davidson On SNL

Saturday Night Live got really poignant this weekend thanks to a visit from Congressman-Elect Dan Crenshaw.

The Walking Dead Showrunner Shares Details About Michonne And Rick's Son

That was a totally unexpected reveal during an episode full of unexpected reveals.

The Walking Dead: 14 Biggest Takeaways From The Time Jump

That was a doozy of an episode from beginning to end, with all kinds of crazy moments and details.

The Walking Dead's Whisperers: What We Know From The Comics

The Walking Dead will be introducing its latest deadly threat soon, but will Michonne and the others be ready?

Star Trek Discovery Is Probably Giving One Character A Spinoff Series

Star Trek Discovery is looking to keep branching out on CBS All Access, and one character could be lucky enough to lead a spinoff.

A Million Little Things: When Ashley's Blue Folder Mystery Will Get Some Answers

A Million Little Things star Christina Ochoa spoke with CinemaBlend about when the show's biggest mystery will start to get unraveled.

The Walking Dead Showrunner Finally Confirmed What Happened To Heath

Corey Hawkins has been missing from The Walking Dead for quite a while now, but his disappearance finally has an answer.

Modern Family Dropped A Pregnancy Shocker On One Character

Modern Family isn't having any troubles shaking things up in Season 10.

Wow, It's Always Sunny's Season Finale Was Absolutely Incredible

When in doubt, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is here to offer one of its most stunning episodes yet.

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