NCIS: LA Star Had 'Out Of Body' Experience Guesting On Will And Grace

NCIS: L.A.'s Barrett Foa shares that he had an "out of body" experience while guesting on Will & Grace.

The Flash Has A Fun Plan To Explain Nora's Alliance With Eobard Thawne

The Flash will explain Nora's alliance with Eobard Thawne in a fun way.

How Fuller House Season 4 Addressed Michelle Tanner's Absence
Last Man Standing Has Recast Another Character

Last Man Standing has had to recast other character for Season 7 on Fox.

First Look At Black Lightning's Jennifer In Full Superhero Costume

Check out Black Lightning's Jennifer in her electrifying superhero costume!

Titans Season Finale Trailer Reveals A Batman And Robin Showdown Is Coming

It's Batman versus Robin in the trailer for Titans Season 1 finale.

The Stargirl TV Show Has Cast Its Hourman And More

DC Universe's Stargirl has found its Hourman and one superhero.

Streaming TV Shows Outnumber Broadcast And Cable Series For The First Time

Scripted broadcast and cable shows are officially outnumbered by streaming series' for the first time.

CBS All Access Has Cancelled Its First Original Series

Find out which original series has become CBS All Access' first cancellation.

Vikings Spoilers: Why Ivar's Sacrifice May Not Be Who It Seems

The person Ivar is planning to sacrifice on Vikings may not be who it seems to be.

Miley Cyrus Is Apparently In Netflix's Black Mirror Season 5

Miley Cyrus has seemingly confirmed she will appear in the fifth season of Netflix's Black Mirror.

Joel McHale Is Going To Play A DC Superhero

Joel McHale will play a superhero on a DC Universe show!

Ellen DeGeneres Is Considering Ending Her Daytime TV Show

Here is where Ellen DeGeneres is at on ending her daytime TV show.

Which Originals Character Landon Is Going To Visit In New Orleans

The identity of The Originals character Landon Kirby is going to visit on Legacies has been confirmed!

Sophia Bush Opens Up Even More About Why She Quit Chicago P.D.

Sophia Bush has revealed even more about her decision to leave Chicago P.D.

How The Flash's Elseworlds Crossover Episode Did In The Ratings

The ratings are in for the first part of the Arrow-verse's "Elseworlds" on The Flash!

The Big Bang Theory's Bazinga Catchphrase Finally Got Explained On Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon just revealed the origin story of Sheldon's "bazinga!" catchphrase from The Big Bang Theory.

Starz's Power Shuts Down Production After Crew Member's Death On Location

Power has shut down production following the death of a crew member on location.

Netflix Just Had A Record-Breaking Month In November

Netflix just had a good month. Like a really, really good month.

Why The Timeless Finale Picks Up When It Does

The Timeless finale will pick up at a crucial moment, and this is why...

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