Multiple Heroes Referenced In New Newspaper

A Season 5 premiere of The Flash featured Nora's revealing a future newspaper, which contained all sorts of new information about Barry's disappearance. Green Arrow, Supergirl, Atom, Batwoman, and even Ralph were mentioned, which means Barry's disappearance is very much a crossover event. Also, some of these heroes are from different Earths, which might mean they're all fighting against onething that affects all of them. If nothing else, this could be a crisis on a handful of Earths!

Ray Palmer isn't the only Legend mentioned as the other Legends of Tomorrow are seemingly referenced as "heroes thought lost in time." Their appearance in this battle, as well as other heroes, is important specifically because it shows Barry's disappearance is an event big enough to justify a mega-show crossover. That apparently wasn't the case for "Elseworlds," which left Legends of Tomorrow off its list for the event that will introduce Gotham City. Unfortunately, no mention was made of Black Lightning, and it doesn't seem like that crew will ever get involved with the Arrow-verse.

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