Arrow's Showrunner Talks How Oliver Will Continue To Be The Green Arrow

Oliver Queen is behind bars on Arrow, but that doesn't mean he can't be the Green Arrow.

Superhero TV
How Venom Is Kind Of Like The Room Of Comic Book Movies

Venom is definitely a bad movie, but that doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable to watch.

Arrow Season 7 Premiere: The New Green Arrow May Not Be Who We Expected

Arrow is back for its seventh season, and Oliver's replacement might not be the guy we all thought it would be.

Superhero TV
The Flash Movie Has Been Delayed Yet Again

For a guy nicknamed The Fastest Man Alive, The Flash sure is taking a while to snag the spotlight for himself.

Superhero Movie
How Long The Flash Will Keep Barry's Big Secret In Season 5

Barry is keeping a big secret on The Flash, and one star weighed in on how long he'll keep in.

Superhero TV
How Nebula Would Kill Thanos, According To Karen Gillan

The actress has this murder scenario all planned out.

Superhero Movie
New Arrow-verse Crossover Photo Shows A Black-Suited Superman

Superman is coming to the Arrow-verse crossover, and he'll have a brand new look. Check it out!

Superhero TV
How Much Titans Will Explore Robin's Past, According To Geoff Johns

Titans producer, Geoff Johns, has revealed how much the superhero series will explore Robin's past.

Superhero TV
New Batman TV Prequel Has Found Its Alfred Pennyworth And Thomas Wayne

The latest television Batman prequel Pennyworth has found its Alfred.

Superhero TV
Evangeline Lilly Confirms A Key Edit To The Ant-Man And The Wasp End-Credits Scene

Evangeline Lilly just elaborated on a key bit of the scene that was cut because it changed the tone dramatically.

Superhero Movie
Chris Evans Says Filming His Last Avengers 4 Scene Was Not All That Memorable

If it's the end, we can only thank Chris Evans for his service.

Superhero Movie
6 Marvel Villains Avengers 4 Could Use

Thanos might not be the only big bad that comes a-knocking in Avengers 4.

Why Brad Bird Doesn’t Love Seeing Live-Action Versions Of Animated Films

There are multiple trends currently running their course in Hollywood, from the horror boom to cinematic universes, but one of the most successful is certainly animated movies being remade in live-action.

Superhero Movie
Supergirl Season 4 Premiere: Kara’s Terrifying New Villain Will Take More Than Superpowers To Defeat

The fourth season of Supergirl kicked off with a premiere that revealed a new king of villain Kara won't just be able to freeze-breath or fry into submission.

Superhero TV
Venom Box Office: The Symbiote Repeats With A Modest Dip

It would seem that Ruben Fleischer's Venom is pulling off a Little Engine That Could act.

box office
Benedict Wong Says Doctor Strange 2 Will Start Filming Soon

Benedict Wong gives an update on the long-rumored Doctor Strange 2.

Superhero Movie
Chris Evans Reveals His Goodbye Marvel Post May Not Be What It Seemed

Chris Evans is backtracking on his hint about his final days playing Captain America.

Superhero Movie
How X-Force Can Distinguish Itself From The Deadpool Movies, According To Drew Goddard

Writer/director of Bad Times at the El Royale is signed on for Deadpool spinoff, X-Force next and having his eye on the franchise is an exciting one to say the least.

Superhero Movie
How Iron Fist's Finn Jones Reacted To The Netflix Show's Cancellation

Finn Jones has shared his sentiments about the cancellation of Iron Fist.

Superhero TV
Suicide Squad’s Director Finally Explained The Joker’s Baby Clothes
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