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Nicolas Cage Thinks He’d Make A Great Lex Luthor

At 54 years old, his potential Superman days may be over, but being in a film opposite the hero still isn't off the table.

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What Michael B. Jordan Could Look Like As DC’s Superman

With Henry Cavill rumored to be departing the DCEU, Michael B. Jordan is one of the rumored possible replacements.

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Henry Cavill’s 7 Best Superman Moments So Far

Whether or not Henry Cavill appears in the DCEU again, we figured now is as good a time as any to look through his three Superman appearances and pick out his best moments thus far.

What DC's Next Superman Should Have, According To Nicolas Cage

An actor who was almost Superman weighs in on the current state of the character.

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HeroBlend #22: What’s Going On With Henry Cavill And The DCEU?

Welcome to HeroBlend #22! Some potentially major news dropped this week when we found out that Henry Cavill, the DCEU's current Superman, might be leaving his post. Well, the details are still somewhat nebulous, so Eric and Adrienne are going to break everything down for you on this episode!

Lois And Clark’s Dean Cain Volunteers To Be DC’s New Superman

It's been more than 20 years since Lois & Clark ended, but Dean Cain is willing to put the cape back on.

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Superman Writer Dan Jurgens Responds To Henry Cavill’s DC Departure

Dan Jurgens is one of the most influential Superman writers of the modern era, so he's especially qualified to give an opinion on the Henry Cavill situation.

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Is Henry Cavill Not Dropping Superman After All?

Yesterday dropped a bombshell when a report claimed that Henry Cavill was out as DC's Superman, but a new report is now flying in the face of the first.

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Henry Cavill Responds To Superman Rumors In The Most Bizarre Possible Way

If all the ways he could have responded to the news, I definitely wasn't expecting this.

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Now Is The Time For DC To Commit To Elseworlds Stories

The DC Extended Universe has spent most of the last year on shaky ground - and now may be the time to shake things up completely.

Supergirl Is A Great Idea, So Long As It's Being Made For The Right Reasons

The news that Henry Cavill may be done as DC's Superman is shocking enough, but part of the reason why is quite curious.

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4 Actors DC Should Consider When Recasting Superman

The DC Extended Universe now finds itself in a position that every franchise dreads.

Does Warner Bros. Already Have A New Superman Actor In Mind?

With it looking like Henry Cavill is on the way out, the DCEU will need a new Superman and WB may already have a name in mind.

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The DCEU, As We Once Knew It, Appears To Be Done

There's one certainty that should be readily apparent to all who are observing the scenario: the DCEU is officially toast.

Henry Cavill May Be Leaving Superman And The DC Movies

Henry Cavill's time in the classic Superman tights appears to have come to a close. Sources now say that, after appearances in DC movies starting with Man of Steel, Cavill is leaving Warner Bros. and clearing the path for a new future for Superman in the DCEU.

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God Of War's Director Has An Awesome Idea For A Superman Game

God of War creative director, Cory Barlog, feels like he has an idea for a Superman game that might revive the blue-tights wearing hero in the realm of gaming and possibly put his game on par to the likes of his cowled comrade, Batman.

John Krasinski Explains Why He's A Good Fit For Playing Jack Ryan But Not Superman

When Amazon's Jack Ryan hits the schedule later this week, we'll get to see a new version of the famous Tom Clancy character hit a screen. Here's why Krasinski thinks he is a good fit.

Superman Comic Writer Mark Waid Has His Own Ideas For A Movie

Mark Waid left a big impact on the DC Comics universe, and he has his own idea for a Superman movie.

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Superman Star Margot Kidder’s Death Ruled As Apparent Suicide

When Superman actress Margot Kidder passed away in May of this year, many wondered about the mysterious circumstances around her passing, especially with the actress' public struggle with bipolar disorder.

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Which DC Hero Would Win A Fight? Henry Cavill And Zachary Levi Weigh In

Which of DC's heroes are the strongest? Henry Cavill and Zachary Levi weigh in.

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