A few years ago, Warner Bros. claimed a bunch of release dates, acknowledging that they would be using them for DC Extended Universe titles, but not confirming anything beyond that. Now we have a clearer picture of the movies that the studio is actively developing, but what still isn't entirely clear is the order in which they will get made/distributed. As such, below we have highlighted the aforementioned release dates, and speculated as to what blockbusters could eventually fill the slots.

Untitled DC Comics Movie -- April 3, 2020

If all goes according to plan, the DC Extended Universe will be in full swing by 2020, and audiences will be craving new titles as soon as the latest one arrives in theaters. Because of this, the studio might use April 2020 to offer fans onething entirely new. This might end up also being a good time for Suicide Squad 2, though it would be a seasonal shift for the growing series.

Untitled DC Comics Movie -- June 5, 2020

The Flash: Flashpoint is an interesting project for the DC Extended Universe, just because of the weird potential that rests within it. As noted earlier, the storyline has universe-changing implications, and if utilized properly it could alter the canon of the entire big screen universe. If the studio does plan to use the plot this way, it would make sense that it would be a project being held for release a few years from now. Perhaps in June of 2020...

Untitled DC Comics Movie -- July 24, 2020

There are a lot of eyes on what the DC Extended Universe winds up doing with the flag they've planted in July 2020, because that was originally going to be the release date for Green Lantern Corps - the big screen reintroduction of the Emerald Knights following the disastrous adventure back in 2011. If Warner Bros. decides that it's not yet time to go back to the Lantern well, though, it might actually be a other perfect date for Suicide Squad 2.

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