Full disclosure: I haven't been a fan of most of the DCEU's movies. I love Wonder Woman and I really liked Man of Steel (the Zod killing issue was blown way out of proportion), but everything else has been deeply flawed to borderline unwatchable for me. And for the most part, I've resigned myself to assuming DC movies will be bad to mediocre with the hope that I will be pleasantly surprised.

That hope hasn't been much more than a faint flicker until now. Some of the (very) recent developments with DC films, as well as a solid Comic Con showing, have me finally feeling optimistic about the future of DC movies. The trials and tribulations of Warner Bros.' DC movies are many and they aren't out of the woods just yet. But like Superman rising from the grave after his battle with Doomsday or the sun being reignited by Hal Jordan in The Final Night, DC is giving me reason to believe, once again.

Now, my newfound optimism is of the cautious type. I still have many, many concerns about the future of DC movies. I'm not convinced that there is an actual plan in place or guiding vision. I think the damage done by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will take ages to retcon and remedy. The fixation on Batman-adjacent properties is troubling, and I don't think that the market can bear half of the Joker and Harley Quinn films that have been reported or rumored to be in some phase of development. Despite all that, for the first time, I'm finally optimistic about DC movies. Here's why.

Focusing On The Present

There was, if not a total expectation, at least a hope that DC would reveal a revised slate of movies at Comic Con to give fans a better idea of where this universe was headed. That didn't happen. And while I can definitely see this as a warning sign that there was no slate because there is no firm plan, I'm going to choose to look at this as a positive. There are seemingly countless DC movies in the works at the moment but announcing all of them now would be setting the universe up for other failure. DC has overpromised and underdelivered before, so better to just focus on the next three movies hitting theater screens and go from there. Focusing on Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 1984 shows confidence in them, and allows fans to get excited about those titles instead of getting too far ahead. It also allows DC to do more fine-tuning if need be, once the studio sees the reaction to those films.

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