Do you feel the need for speed? We're willing to bet that you probably do, because there's a long-awaited sequel coming to theaters next year, and it has us squarely in the Danger Zone. That's right, folks. We're talking about Top Gun 2 a.k.a. Top Gun: Maverick. Many fans of the original film have spent the better part of the last three decades wondering if and when the sequel would ever happen, and we now know that Paramount is hard at work bringing us the long-awaited follow-up to the classic naval aviator movie that defined a generation and created a number of instant pop culture touchstones.

Cameras recently began rolling on the highly-anticipated sequel to Tony Scott's 1986 classic, and now it's time to look into the project and see what we know about it. With that in mind, and ahead of the film's July 12, 2019 release, we have put together a handy guide of everything you need to know about Top Gun: Maverick before it flies its way into theaters. We have several different points to get to, so let's start with the status of the film itself.

What Is The Top Gun: Maverick Release Date?

As noted earlier, Top Gun: Maverick is currently aiming for a summer release date. More specifically, the film will bow for audiences on July 12, 2019. This generally lines up with what we would've expected from this sequel, as the original debuted in May 1986, and the Top Gun brand is generally associated with the summer blockbuster season.

The definitive release date for Top Gun: Maverick is also noteworthy because of the sheer number of false starts that this project has experienced over the years. A Top Gun sequel is onething that Tom Cruise has talked about for a very long time, but now that Top Gun: Maverick actually has a release date and is in the midst of production, it means that the movie is actually closer than ever to becoming a reality.

What Is The Top Gun: Maverick Rating?

With Top Gun: Maverick currently shooting in San Diego, California, we don't know what the film will be rated just yet. That said, given the fact that the first film was rated PG-13, it would make sense to assume that the sequel could get a similar rating when it goes in front of the MPAA. Even if the story is darker than the original, the odds of an R classification seem pretty slim. This is, probably, not going to be that type of movie.

What Is The Top Gun: Maverick Story?

Key details about the story of Top Gun: Maverick remain under wraps, but the clues that we do have suggest onething that will honor, specifically, the movie that came before. The fact that the sequel is filming in San Diego seems to suggest that we will once again see Maverick at the Top Gun academy in Miramar, which is where he chose to become an instructor at the end of the first film.

Also worth noting is the fact that rumors of drone warfare playing a role in the sequel have been blown out of proportion. In fact, CinemaBlend asked director Joseph Kosinski about this in 2017, and he specifically pointed out that Top Gun is more about pilots than it is about planes, so sending Maverick up against a set of advanced drones would not make sense for the ethos of the franchise. So, don't worry; it looks like this won't be other Stealth.

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