The DCEU is a cinematic universe full of layers and bizarre behind-the-scenes stories. That said, there's one man who has remained firmly at the center of some of its most interesting developments: Zack Snyder. The man who started it all with Man of Steel, Zack Snyder has remained open with fans about his creative vision, using social media to share information that would've otherwise gone unnoticed.

Those developments are what we're unpacking today. We've gone through Zack Snyder's numerous Vero posts to pick out some of the most fascinating reveals that he has provided us in the days since Justice League debuted in theaters. With so many unique points to get to, let's kick things off with the most recent development on the list...

Snyder Didn't Know About The Russian Family

One of the most recent revelations to come out about Zack Snyder and his time on Justice League is the fact that he apparently had no idea about the Russian family that pops up several times throughout the story, which clearly suggests that it was not onething that he included in his original take on the Justice League story. This does make a certain degree of sense, as the humor in those sequences feels decidedly more in line with Joss Whedon's sensibility as a filmmaker. Nevertheless, it's fascinating to know that such prominent characters in Justice League (even if they don't get actual names) were not part of the original vision for the film as a whole.

Snyder Planned To Adapt Injustice

At this point, it has become reasonably clear that the DCEU has shifted from the original vision that Zack Snyder had when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice started setting the table for future DC stories. One of the biggest shifts scene is the fact that Snyder apparently wanted to adapt the Injustice: Gods Among Us video games to the big screen in his creation of the live-action Justice League. In fact, while answering fan questions about the Knightmare sequence from Dawn of Justice earlier this month, Snyder noted that he intended to adapt Injustice based off of the seeds planted in that scene. This makes sense, as both the Knightmare and Injustice both center on dystopian worlds in which Superman goes rogue after Lois' death.

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