SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. If you have not yet seen the film, please bookmark this page, and save the read until after your screening!

Unlike the vast majority of superhero blockbusters, Avengers: Infinity War doesn't end with good triumphing over evil. Instead, the teaming of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy prove no match for Thanos and the power of the Infinity Stones, and the film concludes with half of life in existence being eliminated. This conclusion is partially earned because the Mad Titan had a smart plan and executed it well, but not to be ignored is the fact that there is some blame to go around among the heroes.

Specifically, there are five good guys in Avengers: Infinity War that made crucial moves/mistakes that inevitably led to Thanos completing his lifelong goal -- and it's those characters we're here to discuss today. Find our picks and explanations below and across the next few pages, and hit the comments section with your own thoughts on the matter.

5. Gamora

Admittedly this one kind of hurts, given that the death of Gamora is one of the most emotionally effecting in all of Avengers: Infinity War (and that's really saying a lot). At the same time, though, she does have to take some of the blame in this whole mess. Yes, she did a whole lot to try and prevent Thanos from acquiring all six of the Infinity Stones, but she also happened to provide him the path towards the only one that he couldn't locate in years of searching.

Right off the bat there's the fact that Gamora once served Thanos by discovering the locations of the Infinity Stones, but her biggest mistakes all specifically involved the Soul Stone. First there is the fact that she went as far as to learn the real whereabouts of the ingot on Vormir (she could have just half-assed the job), but she also made the mistake of telling Nebula about it. Sure, she didn't specifically name the planet in conversation, but she also really shouldn't have been talking about it at all with someone who her stores memories on a hard drive. In short, Gamora is blameless for a lot of things, but there is also no denying that she made some mistakes.

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