The following will spoil some jokes from Avengers: Infinity War and associated plot elements.

Marvel's superhero universe has been dealing with some fairly serious events of late, but that hasn't stopped them from using a little humor to lighten the mood. In fact, the entire cinematic universe is pretty damn funny. From the first moments that a sarcastic Tony Stark introduced us to the MCU, we've been laughing as much as we've been cheering at the heroics of our favorite superheroes.

With Phase Three of the MCU now heading toward its finale, and the vast majority of the characters having been introduced, it's time to review the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and decide just who the funniest person really is. Here's the CinemaBlend ranking of the 10 funniest Marvel heroes.

10. Captain America

Steve Rogers certainly isn't funny in the way that most people on this list are. He's not a guy who has one-liners at the ready to fire off like an Iron Man missile barrage. However, Captain America is just so damn earnest that he ends up being unintentionally funny. Most recently, this was Cap's introduction to Groot in Avengers: Infinity War, that had the red white and blue boy scout introducing himself by saying "I am... Steve Rogers" like he was saying "I come in peace." In addition, we have the endlessly memeable "I understood that reference" moment from the first Avengers movie. Steve doesn't know how funny he is, which is why he's so damn funny.

9. Rocket

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are, by design, funnier than most of the rest of the MCU, and yes, most of the members are on this list. Rocket became a fan favorite early on thanks to his excessive love of violence (only the in the funniest way, of course), and his unexplainable desire to take possession of other people's body parts. He has Peter Quill steal a guy's artificial leg in prison, ostensibly because it is needed for the escape plan, only to discover later it was just onething Rocket thought would be funny. He has vowed to get the Winter Soldier's new arm. We'll have to wait and see what comes of that.

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