After making numerous appearances in the comics and other (including a 13-episode live action TV series), it appears that the Birds of Prey are finally gearing up to make their cinematic debut. A Birds of Prey movie has been in development since late 2016, with Bumblebee writer Christina Hodson penning the script. Then last week, it was reported that Cathy Yan had been selected to direct the project, and it would see Margot Robbie reprising Harley Quinn. Production is also expected to commence towards the end of 2018, meaning that this could come out sometime in 2020.

Until now, Suicide Squad 2 had been rumored to be the next DC Extended Universe movie following Wonder Woman 2, but with this latest update, it looks like that honor now belongs to Birds of Prey. While we have a long way to go until learning what this Birds of Prey movie will be about and who will comprise the cast, making this a priority is a good idea on DC and Warner Bros' part for several reasons. Starting off, let's look at the lineup that the movie will likely feature.

It Brings More Superheroines Into The DCEU Quickly

So far the only prominent superheroine that's running around in the DCEU is Wonder Woman, but assuming that the core lineup of the cinematic Birds of Prey is anything like it is in the comics, that means we'll be introduced to Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary at minimum. Batgirl has already received some cinematic attention (more on that later) alongside her other numerous media appearances, and while Huntress and Black Canary have also appeared in projects like Justice League Unlimited and Arrow, I suspect that this movie would be the first time folks who don't follow the comic book lore are seeing them. And those three may just be the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as other Birds of Prey in the comics have included Katana (who we've already met in Suicide Squad), Lady Blackhawk, Hawkgirl, Vixen, the list goes on. In any case, looking at how well Wonder Woman performed, DC and Warner Bros are wise to start bringing in more superheroines sooner rather than later, both to offer more variety in DC's heroic lineup and to work towards that same kind of success.

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