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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Is The Franchise's Best Launch This Generation

The latest Assassin's Creed game to launch for home consoles and PC has been Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. The game is a departure from the traditional stealth-assassin setup that helped define the series during the seventh generation, but it appears that departure has paid off decently enough for Ubisoft given that Odyssey has been the best launch of the series this generation.

Why Fallout 76 Won't Be On Steam

Some of the AAA titles coming out in recent times have forgone the inclusion of the Steam client. In fact, more and more games are completely bypassing Steam altogether. But why? Well, it turns out that not every major publisher needs to rely on Steam to connect with consumers, and apparently Fallout 76 is one of those games.

Darksiders 3 Is Releasing Two DLCs After Launch

An entire month before the game hits shelves, the studios announced that there will be two post-launch DLCs made available for the third-person hack-and-slash game.

Destiny 2 Reveals What This Year's Festival Of The Lost Will Include

Bethesda isn't the only one going all-in on the Halloween festivities with the Elder Scrolls Online goodies. Activision and Bungie are also getting into the festive mood as well by bringing back an annual event for Destiny 2 that originally made its debut last year.

Diablo 3 Will Get Cross Platform Play, Eventually

It only makes sense that if a multiplayer game on various consoles allows players to go online and play with others, why not play with others on other consoles? Well, even Blizzard Entertainment is getting in on the digs and there's talks about Diablo 3 getting cross-platform play... eventually.

Elder Scrolls Online Is Letting You Be The Monster

Zenimax Online's Elder Scrolls Online will be getting deep into the Halloween festivities this month with all new events, XP bonuses, and specialized rewards themed around skulls, witches and monsters. There are a few easy ways to get into the event and take part of the Halloween special within Elder Scrolls Online, where you get to become a monster and earn some extra XP.

Super Mario Party May Be Causing A Shortage Of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers are super expensive. Each pair will run you $80 real breezy. It's definitely an expensive replacement device but apparently some people are plopping down big bucks for the left and right pair of Joy-Cons because Super Mario Party may be causing a shortage of the controllers.

Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Shut Down By Lucasfilm

Lucasarts may have closed up a long time ago but Lucasfilm is still alive and well. And, even though Disney's Lucas division has been herded away from developing or publishing games in-house, it's still used quite readily as a legal lance to strike down fan-made projects, like the Knights of the Old Republic remake that was in development by Poem Studios.

Everything You Need To Know About Weapons In Red Dead Redemption 2

Starting October 26th, 2018 Rockstar Games' highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 will release for the masses on Xbox One and PS4. Ahead of the release at the end of the month, Rockstar revealed everything you'll need to know about the weapons in the upcoming open-world Western game.

Xbox One Update Brings Back Avatars, Adds Alexa Control

Throughout the year, Microsoft has been working hard to update and overhaul the Xbox Avatars. The all new creation suite has finally rolled out as part of the Xbox October update, but the Avatars didn't arrive alone, they also came packed in with brand new Alexa control features.

Everybody Can Now Play Fortnite On Android

Epic Games has already courted more than 100 million gamers with Fortnite on PC and home console, but that's obviously not enough, especially given that even more players are willing to hop into the game thanks to the added support for all major Android devices. Epic announced that everybody who has an Android can now play Fortnite on their preferred device.

Get Free Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Stuff For Your PlayStation 4

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releasing it's scheduled to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, game of the year, possibly second only to Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2. But unlike Rockstar's open-world Western game, you'll be able to get your hands on some free goodies and gear from Black Ops 4 for your PlayStation 4.

Mark Hamill And Gary Oldman Look Amazing In New Squadron 42 Trailer

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries originally captured the performances of some of Hollywood's top talent back in 2015 for the single-player portion of Star Citizen known as Squadron 42. After three years of hard work and a lot of developmental work, RSI finally showcased the fruits of its labor at this year's CitizenCon, and you can see how amazing actors like Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman look in the new Squadron 42 trailer.

Gen 4 Pokemon On The Way To Pokemon Go

Gamers have continually asked for more and newer Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Go, and it looks like the developers are continually trying to appease the audience by actually adding said Pokemon to the game. It's been confirmed that, following up on the recent announcement about the new Shiny editions of certain Pokemon being added to the game, Gen 4 Pokemon will also make the cut as well.

Three More Classic NES Titles Added To Switch Online

Nintendo is continuing to roll out more NES classic titles for the Switch's new premium online service. The Nintendo Network went premium this past September for the Switch, and it initially launched with a couple dozen NES games that had online play enabled. Three more games have now joined that line-up.

Two Classic Metal Gear Games Are Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Microsoft continues to court publishers far and wide to keep allowing games to be made backwards compatible on the Xbox One. The latest duo of software to make the leap from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One are two fan-favorites from publisher Konami and the Japanese auteur, Hideo Kojima.

Fallout 76 Stress Test Coming This Weekend

Before every major game launches the important thing to do these days is either hold a closed beta test, an open beta test, or perform some sort of stress test for the multiplayer component ahead of release. It's a safe way to gauge how well the game will hold up under the weight of thousands of players logging in on day-one to play the game. That's exactly what Bethesda is doing with Fallout 76 this weekend.

Borderlands 2 Is Going VR

It's six years old at this point, but that hasn't stopped Borderlands 2 from still being a hot commodity for Gearbox Software. In fact, the company is reviving the game for yet other platform... VR. Yes, Borderlands 2 will be playable as a VR game for this generation of gamer, but it comes with a rather gut-wrenching caveat for those of you who truly enjoyed one very important facet of the gameplay.

Sony Confirms The Next PlayStation Is In Development

The hype for the next generation of home consoles is taking shape. Microsoft has found ways to suck the air out of the sails by releasing new iterations of the Xbox every so often, with the latest being the Xbox One X, but Sony has been a lot more coy about any big announcements... until now.

Microsoft May Be Buying Fallout: New Vegas Developer Obsidian Entertainment

Major studio acquisitions don't happen often, but when they do, it's usually big news because it can completely change the landscape of gaming, depending on who acquires who. In this case, there are rumors floating about that Microsoft could be interested in picking up Obsidian Entertainment.

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