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Grey's Anatomy Added Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey To Season 15

The Dirty Dancing star is taking a trip to Seattle to possibly shake things up at Grace-Sloan Memorial.

South Park Dropped An Uncensored C-Bomb In Season Finale

South Park can't stop, won't stop testing censors' patience.

ABC's 2019 Midseason TV Schedule Features Change For A Million Little Things And More

ABC has unveiled its big 2019 midseason schedule, and there are a couple of changes and new shows to look out for.

Barry And Nora's Relationship Gets Shaken Up In The Flash's Midseason Premiere Trailer

Waiting until 2019 for more Flash episodes is the worst. But this trailer should help ease the pain.

Modern Family Just Took A Big Step Toward Season 11 Renewal

Modern Family probably isn't ending this year, but what about next year?

Why DC Universe's Titans Is Unlike Other Superhero Shows, According To One Star

Titans is a comic book show like no other, and one star told CinemaBlend why he thinks the DC Universe series is so unique.

Why The Arrow-verse's Monitor Isn't Big On Action Scenes, According To The Actor

The Arrow-verse's Monitor isn't a character that we'll be seeing get into lots of street-level brawls.

How Doctor Who's Season 11 Ratings Compared To Peter Capaldi's Final Season

Jodie Whittaker's first year on Doctor Who was a success, but how did it compare?

How The Flash's Barry Will Be Changed By The Elseworlds Crossover

The Flash's Barry won't be coming out of the crossover mayhem completely unblemished.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Goes Full Die Hard In Explosive Season 6 Trailer

Yippee-ki-Jake Peralta, monkey fingers! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back with a wild new trailer.

The Awesome Ways The Arrow-verse's Elseworlds Crossover Paid Homage To Smallville

Smallville came alive again in the Arrow-verse's opening act in its big "Elseworlds" crossover.

Why Counterpart Stuck To One Earth For Its Wild Season 2 Premiere Reveals

Starz's Counterpart kicked off Season 2 with some big moments, and the showrunner explained to CinemaBlend about why the structure got changed up.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Box Office: Disney's Animated Hit Continues To Dominate

Ralph can't stop and won't stop taking down the competition to remain on top of the box office.

How Titans' Alan Ritchson Feels About Hawk And Dove's Super-Dark Origin Reveal

Titans' Alan Ritchson told CinemaBlend all about upping the ante for Hawk with his origin story.

2019 Netflix Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

A new year for Netflix means hundreds of new TV shows of all shapes and sizes. Here's what's been announced so far.

How Daredevil's Charlie Cox Feels About Netflix's Cancellation

Daredevil's Matt Murdock breaks silence about the superhero series' demise.

How Empire Will Be Different After That Huge Midseason Finale

The forever wild and crazy Empire is making a distinct change when Season 5 returns.

5 Big TV Golden Globes Snubs That Totally Shocked Us

Every year's new batch of Golden Globe Award nominations manages to leave out some major entries. Here's how 2018 went.

The Haunting Of Hill House's Golden Globes Snub Proves Horror Still Isn't Taken Seriously

The Haunting of Hill House is one of Netflix's biggest masterpieces, but its horror distinction isn't helping its award chances.

Why Titans Is The Comic Book TV Show More People Should Be Talking About

Everybody is talking about Netflix's Marvel cancellations and the Arrow-verse crossover, but DC Universe's Titans deserves more attention.

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