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Jersey Shore's Vinny Took Shots At Sons Of Anarchy And Other Big TV Shows

Vinny Guadagnino was delivering hot takes left and right on some of the hottest television shows, and we've got the best ones for you.

New Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer Possibly Connects To DC Universe's Swamp Thing

The latest Legends of Tomorrow trailer may hint that this season has a Swamp Thing tie-in.

Is Fuller House Ending On Netflix After Season 4?

Fuller House might just be bringing its multi-generational comedics to an end after this coming season.

Check Out Stephen Amell As Flash And Grant Gustin As Green Arrow For This Year's Crossover

Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell are swapping suits in the "Elseworlds" crossover.

Modern Family's Big Death Might Not Be Who You Expected

Ariel Winter revealed the character who will be dying in the series may not be who people have been guessing it will be.

Gotham's Alfred Really Wants A Role On The New Batman Prequel Series Pennyworth

Sean Pertwee let the world know he's up to appear in Pennyworth.

Creature Actor Javier Botet Reveals New Star Trek: Discovery Role

One of Hollywood's other most notable creature actors is coming to Star Trek: Discovery.

New Batman TV Prequel Has Found Its Alfred Pennyworth And Thomas Wayne

The latest television Batman prequel Pennyworth has found its Alfred.

Aaron's New Storyline Was Decided On Before Anyone Made A Rick Connection

The Walking Dead's showrunner Angela Kang cleared the air about Aaron's recent development.

Doctor Who Just Revealed The TARDIS' New Interior, And We're Impressed

Doctor Who's new TARDIS interior is certainly a change of pace.

Fox News Has Unveiled The Programming Lineup For Its Streaming Service

Here's what Fox News Channel will be offering on its streaming service.

Lethal Weapon Just Got Some Good News From Fox

Lethal Weapon just got some solid news that offers hope for its future.

Why Jodie Whittaker Thinks Doctor Who Is More Than Just Science Fiction

The new Doctor shared she thinks there's more to Doctor Who than science fiction.

Survivor's Jeremy Crawford Reveals The Real Reason He Got Voted Off

The eliminated Survivor: David vs Goliath contestant revealed the real reason he was voted off the show.

Jersey Shore's Angelina And Her Fiance Got The Wildest Tattoo's On MTV's New Reality Show

Angelina and her fiancé showed no mercy towards each other on MTV's newest reality show.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: The Situation's Wedding Got A Lot More Complicated

The Situation made a bold statement regarding his wedding and Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Arrow's Stephen Amell Approves Of Cheryl's Archery Skills On Riverdale

The Arrow star gave some props to Riverdale's fearless archer.

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Nearly Got Impaled In Hurricane Michael Coverage

The Weather Channel's big risk taker almost got gravely injured during Hurricane Michael coverage.

How Arrow Should Change Oliver After Prison, According To Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell has some ideas about how Oliver should change once he's out of prison.

Is The Flash Actually Bringing Crisis On Infinite Earths To TV?

Is the Arrow-verse really attempting to pull of an adaptation of one of DC Comics' biggest storylines?

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