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Bodyguard's Richard Madden Says His Family Is Awkward About Sex Scenes

It's no secret that movie and TV sex scenes can be difficult for the actors who have to film them, but how often do we think about the emotional toll these scenes take on the families of those actors? Well, Bodyguard's Richard Madden is here to tell you that his family, anyway, is not here for it.

Star Trek Discovery: 5 Best Moments From The New Season 2 Trailer

Star Trek: Discovery has given us a more in-depth look at Season 2, and we've got the best moments from the newest trailer right here for you!

Woman Married To Pirate Ghost Is Getting A Divorce

A woman who claims to be married to the ghost of a pirate has is now getting a divorce. At least moving his stuff out will be easy.

The Conners Spoilers: The Big Ways Some Major Relationships Just Changed

The Conners fall finale changed a several of the relationships on the show is some big ways.

The 10 Most Popular TV And Movie-Related Porn Searches Of 2018

As I'm sure you've noticed, 2018 is quickly drawing to a close. This means that everyone and their momma is putting together end of the year lists, and well, our friends at Pornhub have several lists of their own that most of our mothers will probably want to stay away from.

How Legends Of Tomorrow's Season 4 Villain Will Surprise Everyone

Legends of Tomorrow hasn't shown us its Season 4 Big Bad yet, but we know that there are definitely going to be some surprises ahead when all is finally revealed.

How The Big Bang Theory's Young Sheldon Crossover Helped Sheldon Finally Connect With His Dad

The Big Bang Theory made fans' dreams come true by having a crossover (of sorts) with Young Sheldon, and the episode looks like it finally helped Sheldon get closer to his dad, George.

HeroBlend #33: Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown And Brie Larson Set Interview

Welcome to HeroBlend #33! Eric and Adrienne have lots of cool superhero news to discuss this week, including going over the new Captain Marvel trailer and giving everyone some details from our set interview with Brie Larson. We also have a fun new segment, Who Would Win?, that you need to stick around for!

NBC's Chicago Shows Had A Big Night In The Ratings For Fall Finales

It's no secret that people love NBC's Chicago shows, but the trio of shows set in the Windy City have now had a truly great night.

The Conners Spoilers: The Tricky Way Darlene Is Trying To Move On From David Now

Now that Darlene and David's marriage is officially over, Darlene is trying again to move on with her love life, and this time she may have met her match in a tricky proposition.

Don't Expect Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington To Return For Any Spinoffs

If you were hoping to get a glimpse of Kit Harington in one of the proposed prequel shows that HBO is working on to continue expanding the universe of Game of Thrones, consider your hopes officially dashed.

Upcoming SNL Hosts: Who Is Hosting And Musical Guests For Season 44

Well, Chevy Chase might not be happy with Saturday Night Live anymore, but the show still has tons of fans who eagerly await news of who will be hosting the show and appearing as musical guest on a weekly basis. And, we've got that for you, inside!

HeroBlend #32: Aquaman And Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Early Reactions

Welcome to HeroBlend #32! This week, Eric and Adrienne have some exciting things to share with you, as they can finally talk more in-depth about both Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!

Why Chicago Fire Fans Don't Need To Worry About Casey And Naomi's Kiss

Anyone who's seen the preview for the fall finale of Chicago Fire knows that Matt Casey and Naomi, his new friend the investigative reporter, will take a step toward getting closer by locking lips. But, according to the showrunner, fans don't need to worry that Casey has already moved on from Dawson.

The Cord Cutter Podcast #54: Netflix In December

Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast #54! The holiday season is finally upon us, and Mick and Adrienne have some great picks for what's coming to Netflix in December, whether you need some Christmas specials to help you enjoy the season or you want to avoid thinking about holiday madness altogether!

How Becky's Big Reveal On The Conners Brought Her Closer To Darlene

Becky has been on a roll lately on The Conners with giving her family big news. Now she's made a major reveal that's actually brought her closer to Darlene.

How The 9 To 5 Sequel Will Bring Dolly Parton Back

9 to 5 is a comedic classic, but that doesn't mean that plans to reboot or revive the movie haven't been around for decades. With other stab being taken at bringing the story into the modern era, we've heard how Dolly Parton, along with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, might come back for the new film.

One Hallmark Movies Star Absolutely Loves Working For The Network

It's no secret now that tons of people love Hallmark movies, and now, one of the actors has revealed what's so wonderful about working in those films.

HeroBlend #31: Thank You, Stan Lee

Welcome to HeroBlend #31! This week, Eric and Adrienne will honor the life and legacy of Stan Lee.

The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: How Amy And Sheldon's Marriage May Have Just Gotten A Lot Stronger

Amy and Sheldon have already come up against some trials as newlyweds, but the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory may have just made them an even stronger couple.

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