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How Nebula Would Kill Thanos, According To Karen Gillan

The actress has this murder scenario all planned out.

Anne Hathaway's A Star Is Born Review Is Super Heartfelt

You can count Anne Hathaway among A Star is Born's many fans.

How Shooting Star Wars: Episode IX Is Different From The Other Movies, According To Oscar Isaac

For the final chapter of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, things are going a little differently.

Suicide Squad’s Director Finally Explained The Joker’s Baby Clothes
Apparently, Rick And Morty Has A Lot Of Pickle Rick Outtakes, And Now You Can Watch Them

Even sentient pickles have trouble getting through their lines.

Avengers 4 Has Wrapped Filming, And The Russos Celebrated With A Strange Image

Avengers 4 has finished rolling cameras, and the way the Russos' commented this achievement is... unusual.

New Men In Black Spinoff Photo Sees Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson Traversing The Desert
Venom's Success Rate At The Box Office Is Outperforming Logan At Same Point
Could The Sinister Six Movie Still Happen? Here’s What Drew Goddard Says

The Amazing Spider-Man universe may be dead, but could Sinister Six somehow still become a reality?

New Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Photos Confirm A Third Costume And Surprise Location
The Bad Times At El Royale Cast Took Pay Cuts To Be In The Movie

Acting in Bad Times at the El Royale didn't fetch as pretty of a penny as some of the actors in the case are used to.

Disney’s Aladdin Trailer Is Magical And Mysterious
The DC Characters James Gunn Should Use For Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn is taking the reins on Suicide Squad 2, and we have some ideas on who should fill the cast.

Ryan Coogler Is Reportedly Returning For Black Panther 2

The writer and director of T'Challa's first standalone adventure is said to be returning for the sequel.

How The Justice League Heroes Impacted Aquaman, According To Jason Momoa

Aquaman's going at it solo this winter, but don't think that his time with the Justice League didn't impact him.

Will The Mission: Impossible Movies Head To Space? Here’s What Christopher McQuarrie Says

Could we see Ethan Hunt someday punching bad guys in weightlessness?

The Kraven The Hunter Movie Will Include Spider-Man, According To The Writer

Unlike Venom, apparently Kraven the Hunter will actually get to fight the Web-Slinger.

Godzilla 2: All The Confirmed Titans In King Of The Monsters
Why Suicide Squad 2's Previous Director May Have Left

James Gunn has taken the creative reins on Suicide Squad 2, but what happened to his predecessor?

The Funniest Scene In Venom Was Completely Improvised By Tom Hardy

Sometimes the best moments in movies are the ones that weren't planned.

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