“When Harry met Sally” (1989) – The Classic movie on the occasion of New Year’s Eve

In a special moment that is repeated every year, the last moments of New Year’s Eve and they often bring the loneliness rather than the eager for growing up, there will be no alternative movie. “When Harry met Sally” (1989).

If you have to choose a movie to watch at some moment in a several times. As well as for me in order to fight a cold winter evening, It would be Groundhog’s Day. In a gloomy rainstorm is The Classic. At the “apocalypse” day is “Seeking A Friend at The End of the World”, I’d like to watch “Before Sunrise, Sunset or Midnight” with my girl friend, depending on the time. In a bad day is “City Light”. Watch with my daughter is “Interstellar” (when you’re a bit older) and I am Sam (when you’re little). If I had a boy. it would be The Pursuit of Happyness. Before dying? I do not know, because there are too many options for the images I want to save in the last minute mind. Right now, I’m thinking of Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind.

I remember watching a few Harry Potter films on my childhood days, on VTV1’s weekend feature film. But do not keep track of all, and do not remember much. Until a few years ago, I wrote an autobiography of the autumn movie theme. It’s not the usual school seasons, but the soulful movies in it, such as Legend of the fall or Autumn in my heart. While searching, I found again “When Harry met Sally” in a beautiful poster on a yellow leaf fall in New York. And decided to review.

This is Meg Ryan’s groundbreaking film, the long-faced “open-faced” actress and the funniest “killer” character, opening up to a more modern, more equal form of female lead in Hollywood. And more personality. The role of Sally Albright not only brought her the Golden Globe, but also a career that was later associated with actor Tom Hank and became a “golden couple” in romantic comedy with Sleepless in Seatle. (1994) and You’ve Got Mail (1998). However, none of these films are comparable to “When Harry met Sally”, in terms of humor or romance, memorable lines, memorable scenes, emotions, And the two main characters after all are replayed countless times by various scripts, still can not be lovely, close and bring the air as Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal have done.

The film began in 1977, with Crytal as the young Harry, taking Sally’s car to New York for college. They quickly … hate each other because of disagreement about almost everything, from food choices, favorite movies, to whether or not pure friendship between men and women. Both farewell did not meet again. Five years later, the two meet on a flight, and are dating other people. Harry shows regret and wants to be his friend, but Sally refuses. And it takes another five years, both middle-aged, to find themselves in love, they meet again and decide to become friends. But as the subject of the first quarrel, does intimate friendship between men and women actually exist?

“When Harry met Sally” made the first impression of re-enacting a poetic and ancient New York City, as romantic as the love affair between two strangers. New York of the blazing yellow streets and cold, bright in the fall. New York’s central park is quiet in the late afternoon or on the snow. New York of the jazz music of Harry Connick. I’ve seen New York so beautiful in You’ve Got Mail, it’s no surprise that the film was directed by Nora Ephron, Harry’s screenwriter and obviously a city lover, after five years of work As a contributor to the local New York Post. But Harry’s New York is more emotional, unknown to music or influenced by the unforgettable story itself. Place is hard to forget when attached to people.

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, like in a movie scene I like, both lying in bed watching Casablanca (1942) and calling each other. Casablanca is a never-boring movie, a movie that can never be bored with characters who are never bored. Harry and Sally are such characters. They represent real people, with real character and thoughts. Harry is the reincarnation of director Rob Reiner, in his days of sorrow after divorce his wife. Sally’s thoughts come from scriptwriter Nora Ephron. Their conflicts also come from two people behind the lens. But Harry and Sally are not just Reiner and Ephron, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan blow their souls out for their amazing natural acting and more. The 33rd in the Top 100 Best Conversation Poll by the American Film Institute “I’ll have what she’s having,” is Billy Crystal’s suggestion. Meg Ryan is the idea for the scene “orgasm” at the restaurant, before the script just asked two people to talk about it. Both the dialogue and the scene became classic.

The humor of the film comes mainly from the witty, lovable, and very clever dialogue of the two characters. They have their own personality, and are always themselves from the first minute to the last. Harry is a deep and pessimistic person with a straightforward, straightforward manner. Pessimism is like “When I bought a book, I always read the last page, because I was dead, I knew how it ended.” Harry has his perspective on everything, the problem is that he always impose it on everything. Sally is a kind of tough but outwardly intrusive and dependent woman who, in return, has an optimistic and eager look in life. Harry and Sally were like water with fire, disagreements in everything, including the end of Casablanca. A short text, but adds a contrast in the personality of each person about love. A melancholy like Harry is looking forward to the type of romantic love, dream. And Sally loves life expect a safe, pragmatic love story. From there, we can guess right away, they will be the same in one point: never happy in love.

“”When Harry met Sally”” got the great space of the old movies I loved. Very close to Groundhog’s day or Woody Allen’s films. “When Harry met Sally” had a scene on New Year’s Eve, and resembled Casablanca’s classic scene, I could watch over and over again for hundreds of times. In the end, no longer is friendship or love, no longer the same or different. Under the streets close to it, only the portraits of people are very simple.

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