“The Grand Budapest Hotel” (2015) – The halo of adventure and friendship

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a movie that reminds me of the beautiful and glamorous beauty of the past, about the time that has passed since I was in my childhood. The most prosperous of the human soul, where the doors are always open to receive the sunshine most brilliant.

The film is driven by the storytelling of a writer who once stayed at a hotel when he was young, so the film was re-enacted as a book, with each chapter featuring a seamless storyline. The author of the novel (Jude Law) hears the current owner of the hotel – Mr Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham) tells the story of his former employer and respected teacher – M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) ).

In the movie, purple has covered the whole length of the hotel’s history: the subdued purple of the past – the most prosperous period, the hotel’s delicate pink hues, color Purple uniforms solemn, violet-brown color pensive look at each battle to invade the territory and human peace. Purple charcoal, the mournful symbol of the flag and fascist troops, contrasted with the delicate rosy pink of the Budapest hotel.

In addition, the movie also centers on many famous actors (who have been successful at major movie awards), so I feel this movie as a party that the director would like to thank the throne. Silver screen That said, it does not mean it’s a bad movie. The first thing is that the film has satisfied the viewer’s vision, especially a series of continuous purple shades that vary dynamically according to the mood of the character and the time of the two world wars. The following is the main point in the context of the script, the film depicts the rationality in society is heavy class distinction, it is sincere friendship between the master and me, honor the beauty of the relationship between Two people differ in both age and social status.

Gustave is the legendary manager of The Grand Hotel Budapest, a famous hotel in Europe during the Second World War. He is very strict, likes to use perfume, loves poetry, especially can write poetry anywhere. The Budapest Hotel, through his growing hand, is a place where everyone desires to visit once by splendid architecture, splendor and luxurious amenities. Continuing to meet the rigorous demands of the upper class guests makes the life of M. Gustave always revolve around surprises, he is almost a psycho friend, a place of secrets. From the most horrible to the most beautiful of them. Contrasting with the busy morning life, M.Gustave, when he left the cafeteria for the night, sat alone in the most cramped and ugly apartment. He lived simply and truly alone. This makes me associate more or less with those who are able to help others to relieve their sorrows, but themselves, more than anyone else, are themselves sinking in sadness and sorrow, inundation. Long night for the loneliness of myself.

And Zero, the guy in the new lobby area into the hotel, degree, experience, family, not paper. Zero’s life before entering the Budapest hotel as his name. The only thing Zero has is his enthusiasm for work and passion for learning, more than his loyalty. Experiencing the turmoil in the hotel (the first is that M.Gustave had to go to prison for murder, then the turn of two world wars), Zero was the only person on the side of M.Gustave and save him Out of danger. The actions derived from Zero’s mind are not merely normal work, but also the will and admiration of his master. – Because M.Gustave himself, But when the soldiers demanded to check on Zero papers on the train to Madam D., he died to protect him safe, even willing to risk their lives with them. In the movie, the scenes of M.Gustave and Zero are on the same train and are repeatedly checked by the military. Upon discovering Zero without any identification, they demanded that he get off immediately, and both of them had fights between the wicked soldiers and his boss – M Gustave Arranging the story in a repetitive way in two consecutive episodes confirms the character of M. Gustave, he never left his staff at risk, nor did anyone let him have the right to bully. His staff, namely the helper Zero. The events surrounding Zero’s life are intermediate steps to honor M. Gustave’s ingenuity.

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