No Country For Old Men (2007) – When evil is the main color of humanity

No Country For Old Men is one of the masterpieces of directors and screenwriters – Coen’s brothers. They are among the best feature movie directors of the contemporary world. From the script, the content to the acting, all very perfect, every image is full of eloquence, each sentence is impressive and left in the heart of the view of the endless.

To talk about a great movie like No Country For Old Men in a few short lines, it seems a little overwhelming, so first I will mention one of the movie icons that have become The scriptures are very painful in the film, the image of evil.

The Coen brothers’ products have always attracted a lot of big names, though the two directors are mostly independent films. The film features talented casts from world-famous filmmakers Tommy Lee Jones, Tess Harper and Barry Corbin to talented actors such as Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, One who has and will leave a deep impression on audiences is Javier Bardem, who won a prestigious Oscar for his role in the film.

After a dreadful The Joker in The Dark Knight (2008) by Heath Ledger, I’ve been confronted by such a haunting villain. He is Anton Chigurh, the evil demon who brings fear everywhere he goes. His grin on the way to open the door of death, when watching movies you will have a clearer feel about this. Javier Bardem, a talented actor born in Spain, with deep eyes upon his character, screamed in horror during the 2008 Oscars for his exceptional performance as a role model. An inhumane assassin, a psychic killer, and an idiot look that goes along with a monstrously embracing haircut that always deals with the most brutal and brutal enemy. When he wants to bet, he will decide the victim’s life on two sides of the coin of the pen always carry with him. The coin here represents the fate, and the wicked will be the decider of that fate, only the luckiest prey can escape the arms of death. Whenever Chigurh’s footsteps appear, even though it’s a bit cold, the monster emits as if exiting the screen, running down the back of the viewer, strangling their chest until the flow of red blood flows. Near the nose of the devil. He is a smart guy. The assassin instinct helps him to know how to trace the victim, and the cruelty of the devil makes his prey always in the state of fear most. The Coen brothers were so good at transforming the character of Anton Chigurh from literary to cinematic fierce. At the same time with cool acting, smirking smile and Javier’s horrible look, the world of cinema has come up with a badge that will later be repeated again.

He is sure to be reminded many more times because Anton Chigurh not only represents evil in the social context of the 1980s, when money and drugs crossed over. All, there is no sovereign rule in a developed country like the United States. He moreover represents the purest evil, the evil for which it is, the blue of money is always ready to be dyed red. At that place, the saddened currency is instead the nature of human society. How cruel is Anton like? He mentally He is scary But he has purpose. All his actions, no matter how horrific, how come, after all, for a word of “money.” Both the American society of the time were running the coin, the gangs paying for drugs and money, the greedy for money that was willing to pay for their lives. The rotting corpses with the humming sound, the desolate desert space that was dry and stuffy without any sympathy, without a sound of music that was overwhelming was the sound of true to scary. Life, the two directors were too smart to create a scene of horror, a warning for those who have bad thoughts. But how is it enough to awaken the whole society of the bloody dollar? And so the guys like Anton Chigurh are new. It is that environment that feeds on the devils like him, to make us – those who are sitting here – as absent as the sheriff and then someday will say helplessly: The society is so scary and so sad! ”

No Country for Old Men is a work not too high on film, but the satirical and hidden layers of meaning is hidden elements that make up the stature of the film. The film is very subtle, especially interesting in a violent and cruel perspective. The frames of the film are very sharp, it is difficult to find even a superficial detail. In the movie almost no use of background music, which rare movie thriller, but strange instead of bringing the truth and absolute respect for the work under the excellent cast of the cast. Dark and hazy colors are the dominant color in the film, creating harsh and frightening effects that are well suited to the intentions the director wants to convey. The layout of the time for the character to appear is also arranged in an unusual style, causing viewers to end the film to know where the main character. Although it contains many strange and unique elements of the style of the director, but the film is still very attractive when the viewer by the action of the character, making the film is a good work for those who only come to. Movie for entertainment purposes.

The film has a lot of violent elements, horrible bloody scenes, not for the faint of heart. No Country For Old Men, though, is worth the work you have to watch at least once in your life.

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